Weird and Wonderful Collage by Eugenia Loli

A collaged image of a huge pair of Ray-Bans on a distant beachElysian Field, collage

Check out these surreal collages by Eugenia Loli! Loli currently lives and works in California. Her weird and wonderful collage illustrations focus on the human figure, often incorporating it into otherworldly scenarios.

A collaged image of a sheriff with flowers coming out of his headZimbardo, collage

In making her collages, Eugenia starts with a base image and then builds around it. Sometimes collaged images are placed so that they appear to take on the function of another object or person, while other times they are laid over an otherwise innocuous landscape to create  a sense of dreamlike imperfection.


The images that Loli uses are really great. Most of them have a similar vintage magazine look and feel to them, with slightly faded colours and soft lines – which makes her occasional use of something out of a modern glossy magazine all the more jarring and surprising. Loli is against the commercialization of art, and posts all of her artwork online so that people can print it at home. 


A strange collage of three male figures and a window floating in the airThe Intellect, The Adventurer, and The Prole, collage

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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