Venetian-Masked Figures: Art by Daniela Nica

A painting of two figures wearing Venetian Carnaval garbVenice Carnaval III


Today we’re taking a closer look at the art of Daniela Nica. Daniela’s works are dominated by mysterious, Venetian masked-figures. The artist’s painting technique layers loose brushstrokes over well-rendered realistic images, creating the illusion of viewing the figures through a sheet of fogged glass.

A painted image of an old-fashioned suit of armourAmura si dantela

A screen capture of Daniela Nica's

In some of these artworks, what looks like textured pieces of fabric appear to be collaged onto the painted surface. Fragmented like this, the images seem to serve as dreams or memories of scenes that might have happened. The masked images are reminiscent of a party from long ago, the still lives, half-remembered imaginary scenes.


I’m enamored with the way that Daniela combines textural elements in these works. Rough, loosely painted patches or collaged pieces are placed next to smoothly painted shiny metallic surfaces and yet nothing seems out of place – rather, an intriguing balance is created, where there isn’t too much of one or another. 

A painting of two figures in traditional Venetian festive garb203

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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