Flat, Bright Paintings by Jeffrey Fine

An abstract painting with tones of pastel purple and blueMust Be a God, oil

Our featured artist today is Jeffrey Fine. Jeffrey’s flat, bright paintings often feature spiritual, animal or otherwise anthropomorphic forms. Their simplistic style is reminiscent of ancient paintings from various cultures.


An abstracted oil painting with strange figures and stripes of patternOctet2, oil on canvas

Bright colours and repetitive patterns factor heavily in Jeffrey’s works. In many instances, dark figures appear layered over of lines of pattern reminiscent of the way patterns would appear on carpets or in wallpaper. His airbrush paintings take this style and translate it into a graffiti-like aesthetic with the slightly blurred edges of spray painted forms.


I really like Jeffrey’s city paintings, in which the artist emulates the hustle and bustle of large urban centres with frenetic lines and colour. Buildings and roads are created with basic shapes in bright, simple hues. Often these paintings are designed in a grid style, reflecting city blocks and infrastructure. Visit Jeffrey’s website, www.jeffreyfineart.com for more!


An abstracted painting composed of shades of blueDopplegangers

A screen capture of plywood paintings on Jeffrey Fine's websitePaintngs on plywood on Jeffrey's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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