Illustrations of Houses by Joel David Abramson

A black and white ink drawing of a large, stately houseLake of the Isles

Joel David Abramson is our featured artist of the day! Joel makes lovely illustrations of houses, storefronts and landscapes.

A painting of a army surplus shop windowArmy Surplus Store Brill Building, acrylic

A gallery of house portraits on Joel David Abramson's websiteHouse illustrations on Joel's website

Joel does a great job of imbuing each of his buildings with personality. His style is highly detailed, but retains a sketch-like essence. The drawings are mainly done in pen and ink, and most of them are in black and white. I really like these drawings, as they present the homes and their immediate surroundings without any embellishment. They function very well as a series, but are fascinating as individuals. Joel also creates colour illustrations of shop windows and the items displayed therein.


In addition to these illustrations, Joel also has a collection of uncategorized work available on his website at These works range from abstract paintings to small pen-and-ink still life studies. Joel’s style of drawing shows through even in these experimental works. 


A pen and ink drawing of some Canada geese standing on a beachGeese, pen and ink

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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