Alien Structures: Sculpture by Abbie Weinberg

A clay sculpture with many indents and spikes coming upward to a pointTopanga Spire

Our featured artist today, Abbie Weinberg, works in clay to create gnarled, alien structures that appear like weird trees or bones. Abbie’s sculptures combine nature and architecture in new and interesting ways, allowing for a narrative to open up as the viewer contemplates the origin or purpose of each of these structures.


A sculpture made to look like a curling, blue-tinged spike

Little Blue Wave


I like being able to see the progression in Abbie’s works from a few years ago as compared to her most recent pieces. Her older works seem to look like small creatures themselves, where the structure takes on the look of legs, a head and a tail. In the past few years Abbie’s work has become more skeletal, more closely echoing parts of animals that have been long gone, or perhaps mysterious tools carved from bone. In her most recent works she juxtaposes sculptures with photographs, creating textured spaces where the pieces can exist. 


A bone-like sculpture in front of a c-print image of landscapeUn, C-print

A screen capture of Abbie Weinberg's art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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