Traditional and Experimental Techniques: Art by Clayton King

A painting with traditional First Nations style painted in luminescent inkGuardians, ultra violet luminescent acrylic

Today we’re taking a look at the artwork of Clayton King. Clayton is a member of the Beausoleil First Nation in Ontario, and uses both traditional and experimental techniques to create his art.


A stylized digital drawing of a cougarCougar, digital drawing

In some recent works, Clayton uses UV luminescent paint that adds a second appearance to each painting, with figures that glow under black light. I love the idea of displaying these paintings in a completely darkened room, and allowing the figures in each painting to float on the walls, independent of any surface.


A traditional First Nations bustle to be worn during dancesBustle, feathers, dowel, electrical tape, sinew, crow beads, deer hide, plywood, wire

Aside from his paintings, Clayton also creates digital drawings of many kinds of animals, all beautifully stylized. He is also something of a performance artist, using the medium of dance. Clayton uses his artistic skill and eye for aesthetics in the making of Native crafts and garments including drums and various pieces of clothing that he wears when performing traditional dances. 

Clayton King's C.V. on his art webpageClayton's CV on his art website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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