Strange, Fluid Forms: Sculpture by Jon von Bergen

A sculpture where the gallery wall appears to be stretching into a glass vitrineAnti-Precious Moment, MDF, polymer-gypsum, plexiglass, flocking, wall paint

Sculptor John von Bergen’s recent practice involves strange, fluid forms and partially coloured objects. Some of his work’s seem to be actively attempting to escape the gallery space – or in some cases, infiltrate it.


Von Bergen also has a propensity for creating interest in the mundane. His Sentimental… series places seemingly random objects, all painted in a uniform ash grey, on stark white pedestals. Separated from their usual environments and isolated they become like symbols of objects or dream-like memory fragments.


A sculpture with several graphite bolts places on a small shelfSentimental...(Bolts), plymer-gypsum, fibreglass, graphite

I also find von Bergen’s Chronic series quite interesting. Using a mixture of plaster and gypsum sculpting materials and a coat of rust paint and graphite, he creates forms that seem to undergo a chemical change at their middle point, changing from white gallery drywall to rusted industrial steel. This idea of unexpected physicality is a fascinating running theme in much of Jon’s sculpture. 


a sculpture with a sheet of gypsum made to look like rusted metalChronic #6, drywall, epoxy, wall paint, rust paint, graphite

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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