Vibrant Explosions of Colour by Mike Salcido

An abstract painting composed mainly of bright magenta tonesThe Glow of a Distant Light is Calling Your Name, mixed media on canvas

Mike Salcido’s is our featured artist of the day! Born in New Mexico, Mike creates paintings are deep, vibrant explosions of colour. Each seems to starts from a central point on the canvas and spread outward like a cloud of ink in water. I love looking at these paintings, and the way they seem to draw me in, like looking through a window to another dimension.

A painting with bright splatters of paint on a black backgroundSwim to the Ocean Floor, mixed media on canvas

In his Dancing Splatter series, the work is less structured and colours seem to spill onto the page at random, generating images that are like huge colourful bouquets. I also enjoy the way Mike titles his works, with phrases that offer occasional glimpses into his thought process.


A mixed media painting of an abstracted face wearing a crownHe Who Wears the Crown Laughs Last, mixed media on canvas

Mike also produces interestingly abstracted portraits which he displays in his Faces gallery. Using mixed media on canvas, he brings heavy brush strokes and seemingly dissimilar colours together with scribbled line-art to make faces that are simplified but still seem familiar. 


A screen capture of Mike Salcido's art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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