Pottery that Tells a Story by Terry Cervantes

A white porcelain lunch plate with an illustrative seashell motifSeashell Lunch Plate, porcelain

Today we’re featuring the artwork of Terry Cervantes!  Terry is an artist and potter from California who uses her background in illustration to create pottery that tells a story.


A bowl with a child's face imprinted on the inside in black and white line artSilly Moon Bowl

Terry has a few collections of ceramics works available on her portfolio website. In her seashell pottery, illustrative images of seashells have a highly illusionary sense of depth to them, and upon looking at them from certain angles you could be sure the shells were three dimensional.

The artist also creates beautifully rustic and tactile pottery, an example of which is her series of green dinnerware, where the outside of the pots are an earthy brown and the insides are bright spring green. It’s like peeling dead leaves off a plant to find vibrant fresh growth underneath.


I really love Terry’s custom Moon Children plates and bowls where she imprints custom portraits onto smooth white ceramic. Terry is also a talented two-dimensional artist, working in watercolour, ink, and coloured pencil.


A watercolour and ink drawing of a crashing waveWave Study, watercolour and white ink

A screen capture of the ceramics and pottery gallery on Terry Cervantes' websiteCeramics and Pottery gallery on Terry's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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