Tightly Woven Paintings on Canadian Abstract Art

An abstract painting with paints applied with sharp edges and many overlapping coloursUntitled 05, oil on panel, Carla Tak

Today’s feature is on Canadian Abstract Art, an organization that supports and calls attention to Canadian abstract art and artists. Currently the website displays work by three contemporary abstract artists: David Tycho, Carla Tak, and Eva Honig. There is also a gallery on the site of historic abstract art and artists, complete with studio photos!

An abstracted view of an urban street at nightUrban Rhapsody #5, acrylic on canvas, David Tycho

It’s really interesting to be able to look at so many unique painting styles side-by-side. It’s almost like going to a gallery group show without leaving the house! Carla Tak’s busy, geometric patterned canvases are like looking through a kaleidoscope. There are so many fragments and angles in these! David Tycho’s similarly tightly woven paintings are comprised mainly of dark, earthy colours with a splash of bright red here and there.


Eva Honig’s works are looser and have a certain almost liquid flow to them, yet with blocks of colour that still remain separate from one another, and sketchy line art like bits of twisting thread. Canadian Abstract Art also links directly to these artists’ home pages.  


An abstract painting with beige, peach and brown tones in large blocksCourante No 4, acrylic on canvas, Eva Honig

The gallery of historic abstract art on the Canadian Abstract Art websiteHistorical Works gallery on the website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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