Studio Sunday: Karin Mamma Andersson

A photo of Karin Mamma Andersson sitting in her studio


Karin Mamma Andersson, our Studio Sunday artist, was born in northern Sweden and now resides in Stockholm.  Her first notable solo exhibition was in 2007 in Stockholm and she has since had several exhibitions in New York.


Andersson is a figurative painter whose subjects are mostly everyday activities and spaces often with a touch of the surreal elements added by the veil of dreams or memories. She also frequently paints scenes of artist’s studios, and artists working. Her own studio space has been the subject of a number of her works.   


The artist’s studio is small but quite beautiful. I like the view in this photo, where delicate drapes flutter on the window. The studio is a small space - the easel pictured here takes up pretty much the entire far wall space – it’s possible that the artist focuses on one work at a time rather than having several paintings in progress.


The studio walls are quite clean, there is not much work hanging up. Lines can be seen on the floor, perhaps from where Andersson has previously primed canvases. The only furniture in the space is a shelf, a supply trolley, and a stool for the artist to sit on while painting. The artist’s works are not very big, so this is a nice, modest studio space to fulfil those needs.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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