Portraits of Maryland by Michael Gaudreau

A painting of a skyline with the tops of evergreen treesThe View from Tim's Porch, oil

Today’s featured artist is Michael Gaudreau. Michael’s paintings include portraits of Maryland and the Adirondacks, pastoral depictions of rocks and rivers, and ceramic works.


Working primarily with oil paint, Michael creates landscape works that really celebrate the feeling of the outdoors. His paintings are often heavily textured, and this is particularly effective when his subjects are rocks and trees – his brush strokes become the rough surface of the stone or tree bark. A number of Michael's works are created en plein air, where the artist works outdoors, painting from observation.


A pastel drawing of some clean cow bones on the groundSpring Thaw, pastel

I love Michael’s ceramic vases that mimic the look of birch bark! They’re a great way to bring a bit of nature into the home, or the gallery. The artist’s interest in natural textures really translates into these works, as well. See more of Michael’s artworks on his website at www.michaelgaudreauart.com


A pit-fired bowl inlaid with gold leaf and Japanese lettersSource of Story (detail), pit-fired clay bowl with gold leaf and Japanese text

A screen capture of the Rocks and Rivers gallery on Michael Gaudreau's websiteRocks and Rivers gallery on Michael's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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