Portraits of Felines and Ladies by Maria Angela Reyes

A painting of a green cat on an orange backgroundGato Verde, oil on canvas

Maria Angela Reyes is an artist, illustrator, and today’s featured artist. Based in Bogota, Columbia, Maria creates bright, expressive images for children and art-lovers alike.


I especially love Maria’s portraits of felines and ladies – each subject is given a number of different treatments, and it’s interesting to see how the tone of a work changes with the style. The artist creates large blocks of highly saturated colour, a great technique for drawing the viewer into each work.


An oil painting of a family sitting with flowers and fruitPalenquera, oil on canvas

Painting mainly in oil on canvas, Maria creates images that show off the personality of the subject as much as the moody, deeply coloured background. I find many of the artist’s human portraits take after cubism, with faces and figures distorted but still recognizable. Naturally, she also explores abstraction in her practice, with a series of paintings of mysterious, three-dimensional shapes that seem to move and interact with the space.  


A screen capture of the front page of Maria Angela Reyes' art websiteThe front page of Maria's website

A linocut print of a fat cat with a ball of yarnCarinho Jugando con Lana, linocut

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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