Conceptual But Friendly Paintings by Erin MacKeen

A bright yellow abstract painting on raw canvasThat Thing They Say About Time, acrylic on raw canvas

Today let’s take a look at the artwork of Erin MacKeen. Erin is a geometric abstract painter creating conceptual but friendly paintings that focus on bright colours, shapes, and lines.


An acrylic painting on raw canvas with geometric shapes and neutral tonesPaul's Silver Square, acrylic on raw canvas

Erin’s recent works are bright and playful, focusing on large, central shapes. Frequently working from a single block of colour as the focus, the paintings seem to radiate outward onto the edges of the canvas or panel. I like the way Erin sometimes leaves parts of the surface unpainted, allowing the wood grain or raw canvas to sit in contrast to the smoothness of the coloured paint.


The artist’s other works look toward narrow, overlapping lines, with contrasting colours creating multiple planes on the surface. Sometimes Erin paints with sponges, leaving the artist's hand visible and using thin acrylic paint to give a wash effect within some of the shapes. Erin’s paintings as well as some installation works are available on


The gallery of recent paintings on Erin Mackeen's webpageRecent works on Erin's website

A deep green abstract painting on raw canvasUntitled, acrylic on raw canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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