The Fabric of Memories: Art by Lisa Lackey

An sewn portrait of two sisters from behindSisters' Heads, fabric and thread on canvas

Today’s featured artist is Lisa Lackey. Through her work with textiles and embroidery, Lisa expresses the fabric of memories.


The artist’s works are composed in a similar manner to paintings, sometimes using canvas as surface, onto which she sews and embroiders patterns and other scraps of textile. In one of her wall quilt works, she even sews bits of canvas onto another type of fabric background. Lisa’s works are figural, boasting an impressive amount of detail for the chosen medium. I love the way she uses different textures and colours to mimic the look of light and shadow in an image. 


A quilt of portraits in the style of a yearbook pageA 2-17, cotton, knit, denim, polyester, embroidery floss, buttons, beads and acrylic on canvas

A screen capture of an image gallery on Lisa Lackey's websiteLisa's gallery of Conversation works

Lisa also works with drawing and collage, such as in her Rooster series, where she takes pieces of coloured and patterned paper, gluing them and drawing around them to create expressive portraits of roosters. 


A collaged image  of a roosterRooster 1, cut paper collage and coloured pencil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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