Viewpoints in Spaces: Installations by Colby Brewer

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Our featured artist today is Colby Brewer! Colby creates sculptural installations that attempt to challenge our viewpoints in spaces, particularly spaces we can interact with.


An installation featuring two saws, one of which has been sawed in half by the otherSawed, two saws, one cut by the other

Like some of our other installation artists, Colby maintains a mixed studio practice, frequently drawing and collaging as well as sculpting. His Objects series features everyday items, for example ladders that have been placed in strange interactions with related devices such as measuring tapes – or in one case, taken apart and reconfigured into an abstract wall installation.


Instructions for making an artwork and viewing itwRonGsiDe, neon, steel, aluminum

This sense of bizarre interaction is present in other objects such as two saws - one whose handle has been cut in half by the other. I also love Hammered, a sculptural piece featuring two hammers, one destroyed by a blow from the other.  In Colby’s Sites gallery, I see some really great examples of interactive art, be that a piece that comes with instructions for viewing it, or an installation of nets in a gallery that encourages viewers to tie their own shoelaces onto it.  


A screen capture of the front page of Colby Brewer's art websiteThe front page of Colby's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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