Ethereal Photography by Dawn Herlihy Reilly

A close up, sepia-toned photo of a delicate flowerWishes Waiting To Be Made, photograph

Dawn Herlihy Reilly is an artist who specializes in ethereal photography. She’s also our featured artist for today! Dawn makes great use of natural lighting and shadows to add a natural yet magical touch to her photos.


Dawn’s gallery features landscapes and portraits as well as black and white experiments that the artist calls her Adventures in Analog. These photographs capture the mystery and intrigue of strange urban spaces and objects – such as a stuffed horse seated atop a seemingly abandoned bicycle. Dawn’s landscapes all feature buildings, yet instead of focusing exclusively on architecture, they seem to juxtapose the hard lines of man-man objects with soft, oversaturated skies.


A photo of a small shack on a beach at sunsetWest End Shack, photograph

A screen capture of Dawn Herlihy Reilly's analog photos on her websiteDawn's Adventures in Analog gallery on her art website

I love the way Dawn’s subjects seem to be slightly obscured by the lighting and environment in which they are captured. In her Portraits gallery, Dawn has images that capture faces peeking out from deep shadows alongside pictures whose subjects are bathed in too-bright sunlight. Many of our photographers know the effect is quite eye-catching


A black and white photograph of a young man playing violinUntitled, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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