Infinite Articulations: Art by Steven Graubart

An abstract painting with many overlapping cells of colourUntitled, painting

Today’s featured artist is Steven Graubart. Steven paints and draws, creating “Infinite Articulations” with finely detailed patterns and cells of colour and shape. I can imagine these as symbolic images of deep space: abstracted celebrations of colour, line and texture.


A drawing with complex black and white designs and red highlightsUntitled, drawing

I enjoy the way that Steven composes his drawings, where the absence of colour allows him to cram incredible detail into each divided space, Sometimes his drawings, too, include blocks of colour, in the form of a few cells shaded red, for example. Steven’s drawings look like small, cellular worlds – reminiscent of other abstract artists who seem to reference microscopic systems in art


A screen capture of Stephen Graubart's drawings on his websiteStephen's Drawings gallery on his website

Occasionally, such as in his series The Four Worlds, Steven omits the fine lines and detail, using only bright paints with brushstrokes in mixed sizes. These paintings appear at once as planets or close-ups of eyes, each with their own distinct colour combiInation and personality. 


A colourful abstract painting with many different blocks of colourUntitled, painting

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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