Desert Foliage and Mountains: Paintings by Crystal Di Pietro

A painting of springtime foliage in a Nevada canyonSpring Morning in Kolob Canyon, oil on canvas

Today let’s take a look at the artworks of painter Crystal di Pietro! Crystal currently lives and works in Nevada. Her paintings are made with small brushstrokes and vibrant colours, often featuring desert foliage and mountains. I love the bright, vibrant colours that Crystal uses, creating a rather cheerful image of the scenery in question.


The gallery of available work on Crystal di Pietro's art websiteAvailable work on Crystal's website

In these larger landscape paintings Crystal tends to simplify plants and flowers into single brushstrokes and dots of colour. Like some of our other artists who study floral forms, Crystal occassionally delves into close-up images of plants, capturing the texture, colour and shapes of leaves and petals. Also of interest are the artist’s series of figures in landscapes, where she paints a lone human figure contemplating a vast and beautiful scene.


A painting of a shadowed canyon at sunsetSunset Shadows In Pinto Valley, acrylic and oil on canvas

See more work as well as paintings available for purchase on Crystal’s website


A painting of a woman wearing hiking gear looking over the edge of a canyonSolitude Is Bliss, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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