Growth and Change: Art by Bill Hayner

A mixed-media painting with strange growths on a green backgroundThirty-sixth Month, First Day, mixed media on birch wood panel

Today we’re featuring the artwork of Bill Hayner. This artist’s bizarre, bulbous abstractions have a clear organic quality to them, inspired by the growth and change of life forms. The backgrounds of Bill’s paintings vary, often using bright, monochromatic colours, but the positive shapes are all quite similar, fitting in with an overarching series and an obsession with depicting organic, rhyzomatic growth.

An installation including a painting on the wall and a bench made from a number of yardsticksRestin' Place, birch wood wall panels, yardsticks, hand-sewn pillows, found objects

Where other artists create bizarre landscapes celebrating pure form, Bill's works are highly emotional and hint at the growth of a baby. I like Bill’s most recent work, Restin’ Place, wherein the artist has created an installation with the same growth motifs that appear in his other works. Details like a bench made of yardsticks and pillows printed with the same pattern as appears in the painting above are quite interesting and speak to a deeper meaning. 


An ink drawing of the exterior of a private homeInk Drawing 2

Bill also produces ink drawings of the fronts of houses and buildings. I love the incredible detailed that’s gone into these, and the documentary nature of their appearance.  


The gallery of current work on Bill Hayner's websiteCurrent work on Bill's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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