Abstract Sculptures by Isabel Nolan

A sculptural work  consisting of a curled metal tube and a forest scene on the wallThe weakening eye of day, mild steel, wadding, wood, thread

Isabel Nolan works primarily as a sculptor. Her works explore form indiscriminately, whether mimicking plants or man-made objects. She often focuses on bringing the form of one artistic medium into a different one.  


An example of this that I particularly like are Nolan’s abstract sculptures that mimic the form of pencil sketches and doodles in notebooks. The artist has also created complementary works as paintings or drawings on paper, some of which serve to return the forms of her sculptures back to a medium where they might be more recognizable or accepted. It seems like Nolan understands the importance of getting back to the drawing board.


A pink and yellow textile sculpture hanging from a gallery ceilingFresh disorder diminishing energy, cotton and powder, coated mild steel flagpole

Her recent works have included textiles, frequently hanging from the ceiling and creating a divide of sorts in the gallery space. One textile work is an elaborate, almost cubist-style hand tufted rug which is placed on the floor in such a way that half the carpet creeps up the wall. I really love the way it exists simultaneously as a floor-based sculpture and a wall-hanging. 


A brightly coloured hand-tufted rug leaning against the wall of a gallery"The sky is not bounded by a fixed edge!": an illuminated rug arranged to accommodate a medieval mind., hand-tufted wool

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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