Pared-Down Paintings by Edith Dora Rey

A painting of two sheep on a monochromatic blue backgroundMeet the Suffolkers, Two, oil on wood panel

Our featured artist today is Edith Dora Rey. Edith is a watercolour and acrylic painter who also dabbles in photography. Born in Switzerland, Edith studied art all over Canada before arriving at her current location in Montreal.


An abstracted watercolour painting of a single shrubA Tree Grows in Richmond, watercolour on Caruthers paper


I like Edith’s photographic series Looks Like Art, where she photographs objects and patterns out in the world that seem like they might be art. It expresses an interesting and rather charming worldview. 


A screen capture of Edith Dora Rae's art websiteThe front page of Edith's website

Edith’s pared-down paintings express a variety of subjects, from trees to landscapes to animals. Her animal paintings, particularly in the series Between a lake + 2 mountains remind me of the works of some other animal and pet painters on the website. They are painted with realistic yet simplified detail, and the majority of them appear on monochromatic backgrounds, allowing the viewer to focus their full attention on the delicate brushwork of a deer’s face or a sheep’s fluffy coat. 


A photo of a car wrapped in plastic in MontrealMontreal, Quebec

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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