New Organic Forms: Sculpture by Eva Lys Champagne

A wall sculpture consisting of a coloured panel with a small ceramic mushroom hanging from itThese Enchantments Are Medicinal

Our featured artist today is Eva Lys Champagne. Eva works primarily in sculpture, with her works taking on the formal aspects of scientific and biological elements.


A screen capture of Eva Lys Champagne's art websiteEva's online portfolio of works on paper

Eva’s drawings and sculptures mirror everything from plants and animals to rock formations. The artist attempts to blend these elements together, creating new organic forms that defy categorization. Eva’s sculptures are wonderfully complex. I like the way she combines more bulbous, rounded, earthy-coloured shapes with sharp white and elongated petals, seeds and tendrils, making forms that are the best of both worlds. The arrangement of the sculptures in gallery spaces creates the feeling that the viewer is walking through a densely populated alien forest. These alien forms remind me of the work of other sculptors such as Abbie Weinberg.


A sculpture consisting of a brown pod-like form and white tendrilsA Pleasing Fever

The artist’s works on paper function as both a separate element of her practice and as a sketch-like glimpse into her process. I enjoy the recurring floral elements combined with geometric shapes and straight lines. 


A sculpture of a strange seed-pod objectThe Fine Innuendo

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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