Vibrant, Fresh and Delicious: Food Styling by David Grenier

A photograph of a styled slice of chocolate pieUntitled

Today’s featured artist, David Grenier, is a food stylist as well as a food writer and recipe developer. With years of experience in the food industry and an MFA, David is skilled at making food look as vibrant, fresh and delicious as possible.


A styled photo of a dish of stew or curry on a blue tabeclothUntitled

A screen capture of a photo gallery on David Grenier's websiteBook 2 photographs on David's website

David’s photos present food in a crisp, clean light, while still avoiding an overly “styled” look. I like the way that the artist keeps the food looking real, with the occasional drip of syrup or crumbs spilling off the plate. These small details add a lot in terms of making the food look accessible and tactile - an element that David has practiced and maintained since the last time we featured his food photography. The artist also includes dishes and background elements – sometimes fresh cups of coffee to accompany desserts, and utensils and waiting serving plates pictured behind savoury dishes.


David has also produced some video works, where his food styling is showcased in a more animated light. Each dish appears lively and sumptuous through the cooking process, all the way to the finished plate. 


Edward Pond: Perfect Burger

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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