Aesthetics and Engineering: Art by David C Roy

A kinetic wood wall sculpture that spins through its own momentumAztec

A woodworker currently based in Ashford, Connecticut, David C. Roy creates works that are feats of aesthetics and engineering. His kinetic wood sculptures are able to spin through their own momentum for many hours.


Each of Roy’s sculptures rely on a spring that slowly releases energy, keeping them spinning like wind-up toys. This means the energy is fully kinetic and requires no batteries or plugs – Roy’s sculptures are an environmentally friendly celebration of physics and geometric patterns.




Aesthetically, Roy’s sculptures keep the original earthy colour of the wood itself, sometimes using darker wood-toned stains. The mechanism of the sculpture is visible, creating an oddly steampunk sort of look. The curved designs that Roy frequently employs mean that the sculptures have a rippling, organic feeling to them, something like the sci-fi flowers of Choe U-Ram


Variation II Wave

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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