Crisp, Clean Photographs by Sam Kaplan

A photo of a tube of lipstick embedded in a lump of rock


Sam Kaplan is a photographer based in New York. His crisp, clean photographs feature food, drinks, beauty products and other still-life objects on monochromatic backgrounds with stark, lighting.


A recent project of Kaplan’s saw the artist creating expansive landscapes out of food products. I love his pyramid of packaged cookies, and in another photograph, a deep pit of snack cakes. It’s quite interesting, the way that Kaplan is able to create such a sense of depth using relatively small building blocks. I wonder how long it took to put these assemblages together – and if they got eaten after the photos were taken!


A photo of a large pyramid of packaged cookies


Kaplan’s other photographs have a tendency to make the subject matter look monolithic and highly stylized. Unlike other creators of this kind of striking, polished photography, he rarely photographs human subjects. Kaplan's still-life photographs capture everyday items including electronics, sports equipment, pharmaceuticals and tools, arranging them elegantly as patterns, and in deconstructed arrangements of parts. 

A photo of a pattern of tools on an orange background

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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