Artist Portfolio: Daniel Fleming

charcoal and acrylic paint on a wood panelFIRE!FIRE!FREEZE!FREEZE!, 72x30"
Acrylic, Pastel and Charcoal on Two Hinged Wood Panel.


"My work largely deals with current social issues and the variety of ways our backgrounds and experiences change how we view these. Through symbolism, mythology, word-play and storytelling, I present various understandings and perspectives that force the viewer to investigate their beliefs as they use their past to inform the imagery before them." -- Daniel Fleming, Milwaukee, WI.

close up of an abstract painting of a personFIRE!FIRE!FREEZE!FREEZE!, Detail

Detail of a painting that says fire, fire, fire, fireFIRE!FIRE!FREEZE!FREEZE!, Detail

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Written by: Eric Deis
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