Studio Sunday: Huma Bhabha

A photo of Huma Bhabha sitting in her New York studio



Happy Sunday! Let’s take a look inside the New York studio of Huma Bhabha. Bhabha was born in Karachi, Pakistan and is best known as a sculptor, though she creates works in many different media including painting, pastel and collage. Her sculptures are often composed of traditional materials mixed with found objects, brought together into half-abstract human forms and strange, otherworldly inventions.


I really enjoy the brick walls and floor of Bhabha’s studio. It makes it seem like the artist is working in a heritage building or an old alleyway, perfect inspiration for art-making. It’s similar to On Kawara’s studio space, also located in New York, with brick walls and wood floors. This photo must have been taken during the summer, as the artist has the studio doors wide open and natural air and light is streaming in. It looks like a finished sculpture is sitting in the garden outside.


All in all, Bhabha’s studio seems like a wonderfully peaceful space to work in. The artist herself certainly seems relaxed in this photo. It looks as if she is putting the finishing touches on the sculpture in the middle of the room, where she has some plastic spread out to protect the floor. The open door and the sunny day would make for great natural light in which to see the details of the artwork.


I wonder what the studio space looks like in the winter. It looks extremely clean in this photo, so it may be larger than it appears. Presumably there’s more space in the back where the artist is working on messier projects. She must have a sizeable collection of found materials on hand, ready to be applied to various assemblages and three-dimensional collage works. 

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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