Soft-Edged Realism: Painting by Claudette Webb

A realistic drawing of a cat on a black backgroundMaximum Supercat, Prismacolor pencil on black paper

Let’s take a look at the portfolio of Claudette Webb, a portrait artist currently based in Huntsville, Alabama. Claudette’s works tend to focus on portraits of pets, family and commission clients, with a soft-edged realism that is both beautiful and impressive.


A coloured pencil drawing of a smiling woman with grey hairKim, Prismacolor pencil on paper

Claudette uses a variety of mediums in her artistic practice. I’m quite fond of her Prismacolor pencil drawings, in which she depicts pets and faces with a palpable affection. Her pet subjects, especially, are rendered with a certain dignity that makes the animals look quite majestic.

A coloured pencil drawing of an orange cat with blue eyesAngel Kitty, Prismacolor pencil on paper

If you’d like to commission a portrait by Claudette, you can contact the artist through her website. The artist generally works from photos, and prefers to take photos herself so that she can get the best possible feel for the nature of her subject – though she is also able to use digital photos sent in by clients. 


A screen capture of the coloured pencil drawing gallery on Claudette Webb's websiteClaudette's pancil drawing gallery

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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