"Trash Portraiture" by Annie Terrazzo

A mixed media artwork featuring a glamour portrait of a woman wearing a large hatYour Glamourous Girlfriend

Our featured artist today, Annie Terrazzo, is a mixed media artist who creates “trash portraiture” using found objects, old newspapers, paint and more.  Annie’s artworks usually feature polished female faces that could be taken from the pages of glamour magazines, yet seem to have a more interesting edge to them.


A mixed media painting of a faceless Marilyn Monroe-type woman#YourImageHere

A screen capture of Annie Terrazzo's online portfolioAnnie's portfolio of artworks

Many of Annie’s works are painted on a background surface of newspaper clippings. The high-contrast imagery expresses pop-culture figures, both real and imaged. Sometimes the artist pursues a 1950’s style of fashion aesthetic, though it tends to be executed with a more modern hand.


In our last feature of Annie’s work, we talked about her detritus art in terms of how the materials the artist uses are often throwaway, and seem to reflect a certain kind of “trashiness” in her subject matter. While the artist’s work has stayed conceptually similar, I see more experimentation with different figures, faces and backgrounds, and look forward to seeing more from this artist. 


A mixed media artwork of a person in a suit on a background of news clippingsBomb

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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