Ecological Consciousness: Art by Katrina Alexy

A temporary sculptural installation with a small rabbit sculpted on top of a stack of rocksViva Los Conejos, river rock and bronze-coated cast resin

Featured artist Katrina Alexy works in a variety of media, sometimes creating personal artworks and other times creating works of public art that are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. The artist’s works often explore the beauty of natural forms and ecological consciousness.


One of Katrina’s recent projects was the Healthy Foods Mosaic, which was completed in 2015 and placed in Los Angeles. The 40-foot long mosaic takes the form of a short barrier wall, full of imagery of healthy foods, fruits and vegetables provided by local farmers. By using bits of handmade tiles, as well as used tiles that would have been thrown out otherwise, Katrina’s work helps out both the community and the environment.


A photo of a mosaic public artwork dedicated to healthy foods and farmersHealthy Foods Mosaic, handmade and repurposed tiles

Katrina’s use of natural forms for public art has appeared in many of her works, such as the ones that we featured previously. I enjoy the way she latches on to the shape and tactility of eggs, seed pods, bird’s nests and other objects in nature.


A screen capture of Katrina Alexy's art websiteThe front page of Katrina's website


A close-up of a large mosaic, with an image of a tomatoHealthy Foods Mosaic (detail) - The Mighty Tomato

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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