The Body in Nature: Performance Art by Tanya Lukin Linklater

A photo of two dancers performing a work in a gallery spaceIn process video, collaboration with Daina Ashbee, Ceinwen Gobert and Emily Law

Let’s take a look into the art practice of Tanya Lukin Linklater! Tanya is a dancer, choreographer and interdisciplinary artist who currently lives and works in North Bay, Ontario. Tanya’s works focus on indigenous languages and heritage as well as women in film and the body in nature.


A still from a performance of Slow ScrapeSlow  Scrape - performance, collaboration with Ziyian Kwan, for Reading the Line curated by Pablo de Ocampo at Western Front Gallery, Vancouver, 2015

A screen capture of the "the the" performance gallery on Tanya Lukin Linklater's websitethe the, performance gallery on Tanya's website

Tanya’s works encompass photographic works, installations, video projections and performances. One of her most recent works, the the, includes live performance, videos and stills. The work, which appears in a number of different iterations, is a collaborative effort between Tanya and various dancers and other artists from many different locations. I really enjoy Tanya’s combined use of video and live performance, as it allows the art to adapt to individual galleries and audiences while still being recognizable.


The artist has upcoming performances for 2016 in Saskatoon, Montreal and Vancouver. Videos and photo documents of her work are available on her online portfolio at


A photo of the the being performed in 2015the the, collaborative performance with dancers, Crystal Sepúlveda, Cydney Watson and Lupe Rodriguez, and translator, Jose Reynosa at Culver Center in Riverside, California, May 7, 2015. With support from Indigenous Choreographers at Riverside Project, University of California – Riverside. Photo by Jonathan Godoy.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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