Smooth, Fluid Abstract Artworks by Nathalie Gribinski

A detailed abstract artwork with many apparent figuresLa dinde éffarouchée


Today we’re featuring the art portfolio of Nathatlie Gribinski! Nathatlie earned a law degree in Paris, France, before moving to Chicago where she studied graphic design. She currently splits her time between graphic design and fine art, creating smooth, fluid abstract artworks when she isn’t focusing on logos and brochures.


A screen capture of Nathalie Gribinski's art websiteNathatlie's Sea Bubbles gallery

In Nathalie’s recent series’ Tourlicoulis, mixed media on canvas is the dominant mode of production. I really like the contrast between the white, ghostly line art and dark, deep blue backgrounds, particularly in Tourlicoulis 2. In the original series, the color is swapped with most of the works featuring blue and black forms on white backgrounds. The forms seem almost figural - in some cases reminiscent of crowds of people while in other cases they look like undersea organisms.


An abstract painting with figures on a dark backgroundLa danse des fous

These types of twisting, undulating forms seem to be a major motif in Nathalie’s works, whether they are brightly coloured and simplified as in her Characters series, or made up from many tiny round forms, as in her Sea Bubbles series. Don’t forget to check out the graphic design side of Nathalie’s practice!


A painting of an anthropomorphized flowerMadame fleur, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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