Intricately Painted Masks by Francesca Profili

A canvas print of a mask painted to look like a small pondWater's Web, canvas print

Francesca Profili is an artist based in British Columbia. Francesca’s artworks feature intricately painted masks, often combined with natural wood elements in the form of polished and carved branches. Francesca paints each of her masks by hand, creating beautiful and highly detailed landscapes including tiny geographic elements and figures of people and animals.


A canvas print of a painted mask mounted on a carved piece of woodSnowflake, canvas print

The amount of detail that Francesca is able to cram onto a single mask is astonishing – and I love her innovative choice of surface. It’s quite interesting how the artist manages to retain distinct features in each of her masks even with detailed paintings dancing across the entire face. The wood details are also quite stunning, in the way that they provide a natural backdrop for the mask while creating a continuation of the story told by the paintings. The polished surface reminds me of the woodwork of Andelko Oliveric.


A screen capture of Francesca Profili's art

Francesca produces high quality giclee canvas prints of her sculptures that are available for purchase on her website.


A canvas print of a mask painted to blend in to a piece of stoneEnso, canvas print


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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