Outside the Mainstream: Photography by Jim Holbrook

A photo of an androgynous individual wearing Day of the Dead makeupTo Thyself Be True, Day of the Dead Marigold Parade, Albuquerque 2015

Jim Holbrook’s photography practice centers on photographs of people, places and events in New Mexico. Jim’s seems to enjoy looking in particular at groups outside the mainstream, and traditions therein.


A photo of a toppled roadside memorial in New MexicoToppled, Old Route 66, Albuquerque, NM 2015

Jim is currently working on a project in which he is photographing New Mexico’s descanos – roadside memorials for people who have been killed in highway traffic accidents. Using both black and white, and colour photography techniques, the artist memorializes the memorials themselves, creating portraits that are both respectful and fascinating when viewed as a series. The intricate detail put into each individual memorial stands as a testament to a family’s loss and collective efforts.


A screen capture of the Descano project gallery on Jim Holbrook's websiteThe Descano Project gallery

I also really enjoy the photographer’s other projects, such as his series’ Day of the Dead Marigold Parade, and Mexico 2014 Jim has a real knack for capturing people’s individual vitality and energy, packing it all into a single still image. His subjects are not models, but normal people captured in candid moments of revelry and everyday life. 


A photograph of some corn hanging to dryManina's Hand, Coyoacan, Mexico 2014

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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