Botanical and Equestrian Paintings by Debbie Hart

A painting of two Clydesdale horsesBest Buds, Clydesdales

Our featured artist today is Debbie Hart. Debbie is currently based in Naperville, Illinois. The artist has a background in scientific illustration, which certainly shows through in her highly detailed botanical and equestrian paintings.


A painting of a bunch of orchids on a dark backgroundOrchid

Debbie works in very polished observational style, capturing each strand of hair in a horse’s mane, or petal on a flower in the utmost detail. Using soft realism, she seems to make the scenes that she paints appear more beautiful than in real life, with the ideal amount of contrast and colour saturation.  I like the way that Debbie renders the horses in her series of Equestrian paintings – each one seems full of movement and personality. In subject matter, these remind me of the horse paintings of Cheryl Gilarski.


A screen capture of Debbie Hart's online gallery of tote bagsA selection of art tote bags available through Debbie's website

In addition to her painting and watercolour work, Debbie creates artisan glass jewelry. A selection of bracelets with handmade glass beads is available on her portfolio. Made by melting glass rods with a torch, each bead is marbled with multiple tones of colour, making for a uniquely interesting piece of jewelry. 


A painting of a river flowing through a cultivated gardenNaperville Riverwalk 1

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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