Painted Constructions: Art by Gary Eleinko

A painted assemblage made from wood and model treesCityscape, oil, wood and model trees

Gary Eleinko is a painter, sculptor and mixed media artist based in the Detroit, Michigan area. Gary’s works often combine elements from different discipline, coming together in unique, painted constructions that have both abstract and figural elements.


A mixed-media abstract artwork with bright pink coloursBetween the Lines, collage, inkjet transfer, watercolour, pencil and spray paint on paper 

The artist’s online portfolio is packed with examples of his works, dating back to the 1970’s. It’s really interesting to be able to see the progression and changes that have taken place throughout Gary’s practice. Many of his early works have something of a cobbled-together, assemblage feel, and while this has survived the years, his most recent works seem to have taken on a polished aesthetic.


A screen capture of Gary Eleinko's

Gary’s works from 2010 on seem more concise, each a unique, self-contained world within a sculpted or painted art piece. His painted constructions and wall assemblages are compact yet detailed, packing a multitude of abstract forms and colour fields into a small wall hanging. The pieces remind me a little of the assemblages of Cynthia Aaron, though they don’t focus on found objects, instead using hand-made details. 


A small painted assemblage made from uneven pieces of woodORT #5

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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