Nature and Materiality of Film: Art by Guillame Vallée

Sacred Bloom (excerpt), hand-processed cameraless Super 8 film, collaboration with Andrée-Anne Roussel


Montreal-based artist Guillaume Vallée uses experimental film-based media to capture and explore the true nature and materiality of film. His works use a variety of analogue equipment and editing techniques to create abstract photos, installations and media artworks.


A collage based on a black and white photo of two young girlsUnknown, collage and Aquarelle on paper

This artist’s portfolio is incredibly varied and packed with experiments in a wide variety of media. I like the way the Guillaume is able to maintain a fairly consistent style and aesthetic across mediums. His collages and photogram paintings are interesting – in his photograms, Guillaume paints directly onto film negatives. The abstract daubs of paint in many different colours give the film a mysterious, corroded look, often obscuring the subjects of the negatives just enough to make the viewer more curious about them.


A screen capture of a gallery on Guillaume Vallee's art websiteA music video sample on Guillaume's portfolio website

Guillaume is a part of the Montreal art collective Groop*Index, and is involved in the organization and realization of events that explore the complexities and possibilities of media-based art forms. He has also created numerous music videos for local underground musicians, which you can view on his portfolio.


Le Trio Karason - La Casa Del Popolo - 01/2016, video/performance collaboration with Alain Lefebvre & Hazy Montagne Mystique

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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