History and Landscape: Painting by Dominic McNamara

A painting of a mine in Arizona at duskTombstone Consolidated Mines Company, oil on canvas

Dominic McNamara is a painter with a love for history and landscape. His current practice focuses on landscape and still-life subject matter including scenes of the artist’s native Ireland, as well as environments seen while travelling.


A black and white lino print of a reclining catCat, lino print

Dominic works in a variety of materials including oil paint, charcoal, watercolor and printmaking, coaxing a slightly different look and feel out of each medium. His subject matter varies, though it seems that the artist has found a particular set of subject that best suits each of his mediums. In his charcoal sketches and lino-cut works, Dominic focuses on portraiture, rendering the faces of both loved ones and celebrities with equal care. In his oil paintings, the artist looks more at landscapes and the forms of trees and foliage.


A screen capture of Dominic McNamara's painting websiteDominic's gallery of travel paintings

The largest part of Dominic’s practice is devoted to paintings of the Irish countryside, which we looked at in our previous feature. His style of brushwork is well utilized rendering grassy fields, green woods, and the sun-dappled forms of livestock animals. 


A painting of some cows grazing on the Irish countrysideGrazing on the West Coast, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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