The Passage of Time: Painting by Noah Verrier

An oil painting of a docked oyster boatOyster Boat, oil on board

Our featured artist today is Noah Verrier. Noah is a painter and an adjunct professor of painting and drawing at Florida State University. In his art practice, Noah paints with loose gestures in oil on board, often creating series that celebrate the passage of time through a single physical location.


An installation view of Noah Verrier's 4 Seasons series4 SEASONS (Installation view at FSU Museum of Fine Arts), oil on canvas

One example of Noah’s temporally-focused work is his 150 Sunsets series, in which he painted, naturally, 150 sunsets over the same patch of land. Exhibited all at once, the series is an interesting look at how a single place can have drastically different appearances and feelings throughout a year or even just several months.


The front page of Noah Verrier's art websiteThe front page of Noah's website

I also like the artist’s 4 Seasons series. It takes a similar conceptual standpoint as the sunsets, but looks simply at the changing appearance of a landscape throughout the Earth’s orbit. In installation views, Noah’s skill at capturing the exact same tree from the same angle is admirable, letting the viewer focus on the changes to the subject itself and not the painting. 


A painting of two cats sitting on a sofaBeau and Dodo, pastel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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