Graphite Portraiture by Shannon Ann Coyle

A graphite portrait of a toddlerMiss Maggie, graphite

Shannon Ann Coyle lives and works in the The Bay of Islands in Newfoundland and Labrador, where she specializes in graphite portraiture. Using a delicate hand, she renders her subjects in soft focus, creating treasured keepsakes.

A graphite portrait of a dogHarry, graphite

Shannon’s portfolio at features a majority of portraits of children. The artist does a great job of capturing these often difficult-to-render subjects, using soft, light pencil marks to create a rounded look with very light shading. Shannon’s style is also put to good use in the few pet portraits that she includes on her website. Many short pencil marks blend together beautifully to create a fuzzy effect that’s ideal for rendering hair and fur.


A screen capture of Shannon Coyle's art websiteThe image gallery on Shannon's website

The artist is also inspired by her natural surroundings living on the Maritime coast. In some of her works she focuses on landscape rather than face, and her skillful gradient shading works well for depicting beach scenes.  Seagulls floating over undulating ocean waves show off Shannon’s artistic talents. 


A graphite drawing of a seagull at the shoreLivingstone Perhaps, graphite

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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