Refined Fantasy Artworks by Sue Ellen Brown

An airbrush painting of a winged white lionThe Guardian, graphite, airbrush, prismacolor pencil and acrylic on illustration board

Mixed media artist Sue Ellen Brown has worked as a commercial illustrator for a variety of clients, as well as continuing her own private art practice. Through acrylic, oil, airbrush and other media, Sue creates refined fantasy artworks as well as traditional portraiture and jewelry.


A pair of blue and silver drop earringsBlue Satin Elegance, satin Blue Crystal pearls, iridescent Blue Crystal rondelle beads, silver bicone and rondelle accent beads

Sue draws inspiration from an impressive range of subject matter in her artworks. Having illustrated a series of Magic cards, it’s no surprise that Sue has a penchant for fantastical creatures like dragons. She’s equally skilled, however, at rendering portrait subjects including friends and celebrities. I really love Sue’s recent ShellZ series. Each of these oil paintings takes an extreme close-up view of a seashell. Each one has a distinct, almost monochromatic colour scheme, while the curvature and small lines and imperfections of each shell is rendered in incredible detail.


An oil painting of a sea shell up closeSea Opal, oil on canvas

Despite the wide range of subjects, Sue manages to work with a very consistent style throughout her practice. Her paintings are rendered with a soft, smooth texture and great attention to detail, drawing the viewer in to each image. 


A screen capture of a gallery of paintings on Sue Ellen Brown's websiteThe ShellZ gallery on Sue's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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