Textured, Stylized Artworks by Sharri Weinberg

A painting of a red flower on a green backgroundUnder Flow

Sharri Weinberg lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona where she creates her textured, stylized artworks. Sharri’s paintings are incredibly vibrant, depicting figures, landscapes and natural forms in simplified detail that gives way to larger fields of colour.

A painting of an Arizona sunsetSun Salutation (Carefree,  AZ)

A screen capture of the front page of Sharri Weinberg's websitewww.sharriweinbergart.com

Though bright colours and simple forms are consistent throughout Sharri’s portfolio, her works vary in terms of how loose or tight her brush marks are. I like the way that the artist tends to take on a slightly looser, more abstracted way of working when her subject is floral or plant forms. In her Flowers, Still Lifes gallery, for example, a number of the works employ a drippy, blended paint technique. The bright red and yellow forms of flower petals blend in with deep greens and blues of backgrounds that fade into the distance.


Sharri is also quite adept at depicting faces. I find her Silent series particularly interesting: each work in this group depicts a solitary figure, from the face or neck up, wearing an elaborate or elongated hat. The contrast between the somber faces of the figures and the bombastic detail of the hats is interesting and thought-provoking. 

A long painting of a person wearing a flamboyant hatWishing for Spring

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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