Fine Handmade Hats by Fifilabelle

A photo of a model wearing a feathered cocktail hatPunky pink feathered cocktail hat, model: Daisie, photographer: Julia Boggio

Fiona Menzies is the founder of Fifilabelle, a London-based producer of fine handmade hats. Fiona studied fine art and worked as an illustrator and a painter before receiving formal training in millinery.


A black and white photo of a model wearing a white cocktail hatIvory felt and velvet cocktail hat, model: Daisie, photographer: Julia Boggio

A screen capture of the Fifilabelle millinery websiteImages of Fiona's workshop on

The gallery of hand-made hats on the Fifilabelle website features many examples of stunning workmanship and attention to detail. The hats shown on the website are mostly designed with a fairly streamlined base, and some have details added for a look that’s flamboyant but not overpowering. With designs that include bright feathers, jeweled accents and fishnet veils, these hats all have a certain vintage-style appeal that would be lovely for any formal occasion or party.


Working out of a home studio, Fiona creates premade hats, as well as working on custom commissioned designs for clients. If you have a picture in your head of a beautiful hat you’d like designed, you can contact Fiona by the email address or phone number listed on the Fifilabelle website!


A photo of a model wearing a navy orchid shaped hat with a red veilNavy orchids with deep red veiling, model: Daisie, photographer: Julia Boggio

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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