Undulating Abstract Forms: Art by Nathan Carter

A painting with a narrow line of colour wrapping around bold shapesCOVERT CAPABLANCA HINTERTUR AND MICROFILM TRANSPARENCIES, paper, acrylic, ink, acetate colour gels, collage


Nathan Carter is a mixed-media artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Carter uses undulating abstract forms and bright, highly saturated colours to create artworks that jump off the canvas and look like two-dimensional sculptures or three-dimensional paintings.


I like the way Carter combines intense colours with stark white negative space. No matter how chaotic the composition, all of the artist’s works have a clean, polished feel to them. In some of his paintings, Carter uses flat-looking planes of different colour in all manner of shapes, pressed tightly together at their sides. The different values of the colours he uses create the appearance of depth, so from far off the painting looks like a photo of a three-dimensional sculpture.


A bright abstract painting with planes of colour forming a single shapeCONSOLIDATED FULL COLOR SIGNATURE HIGH SPEED SMS ALEUTIAN ISLANDS ROUTER, steel, acrylic and enamel paint


The spindly forms of some of Carter’s sculptural works are reminiscent of the mobiles of Alexander Calder. These forms, with narrow, coloured wires snaking in all directions, accented with flat, wide abstract forms, appear in both three-dimensional and two-dimensional works. 


A small sculpture with a twisting black wire extending above itTUSCADERO SIGNAL RELAY STATION, ceramic, steel, acrylic paint and enamel paint

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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