Complexities and Imperfections: Art by Ario Mashayekhi

A photo of an abstract sculpture made from mixed mediaInterlinked, plaster, steel, mahogany wood, bone, acrylic

Featured artist Ario Mashayekhi is a painter and sculptor who celebrates the complexities and imperfections of nature with a variety of artistic techniques. Ario’s painting practice mainly focuses on the female figure, while his sculptures encompass both abstract and figural elements.


A sculpture made from natural materials and found car partsCycle of Life, car parts, glass, copper, soil, plant


I’m really interested by Ario’s sculpture gallery. The artist has amassed quite an extensive portfolio of his creations, and each one seems to function under its own unique set of rules. The sculptures are often composed of a mixture of materials, tending to incorporate wood, found objects, fabrics, metal and even a living plant in one case. The resulting forms twist like root structures or dancers in action, and range from heavy, bulbous forms to elongated, spindly structures.


A screen capture of Ario Mashayekhi's painting galleryThe painting gallery on Ario's website

Ario paints mainly in acrylic. Most of the paintings on view in his portfolio feature a central female figure surrounded by an uncertain, abstract background. Warm tones of orange and red in the figures contrast with the deep blues of Ario’s backgrounds for a result that makes each of his figures seem to float in the ocean or the sky. 

A painting of a woman floating in an abstract backgroundAchromatic, acrylic 

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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