Raw Materials: Art by Tonico Lemos Auad

A linen and thread sculpture of a pine cone with a tailElement with Tail, linen and thread

Brazilian-born artist Tonico Lemos Auad creates three-dimensional artworks using a variety of raw materials that are more often found in non-artistic practices. The artist alternates between showcasing the natural forms of his materials, and combining them into unrecognizable objects.


I’m quite impressed by Auad’s use of linen and thread. In a number of works, the artist uses raw or dyed linen, sewing and weaving it tightly with thread to create three-dimensional objects that from a reasonable distance look like wood, plastic or other sculptural media.


A sculpture of linen and thread ropes hanging from the ceilingSea Horses, linen and thread (six parts)

Auad is well known for his use of materials even more transient than raw linen and thread. In some works he’s used fruit, such as slices of lime and bananas. Another set of artworks saw the artist using carpet fluff to create full-sized sculptures of animals like a dog and a teddy bear. Auad currently lives and works in the U.K., where he continues to experiment with innovative media. 

An installation of sculptures of pigeons on burned loafs of breadQuatro Ventos, graphite pigeons and burned bread (20 parts)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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