Atmospheric Imagery: Art by Helen Vokatý

An abstract mixed media work with overarching tones of orangeUntitled, mixed media on canvas

British Columbia-based artist Helen Vokatý creates works that deal with a wide range of subject matter, ranging from personal to environmental. Stylistically, Helen’s works are subtly textural and rely on unified color schemes and atmospheric imagery.


A painting with overlapping lines of warm colourUntitled

I really like Helen’s series Pipelines and Paint. The works in the series are very cohesive, using an aesthetic that stays true to Helen’s overall practice while still being very particular to the idea at hand. In these works, Helen reimagines the idea of a natural gas pipeline, taking a potentially destructive man-made force and appropriating it into colourful, patterned abstractions. 


A screen capture of the front page of Helen Vokaty's websiteThe front page of Helen's website

Helen’s ART itecture series is also quite pleasing. Inn these works, the artist takes on a much more minimal aesthetic, using flat blocks of bright colour and geometric lines and shapes. These works remind me of the paintings of Lili Phelouzat, in their use of flat planes of colour to suggest and create three-dimensional objects and spaces.


A painting of solid, clean geometric forms on a black backgroundAs Yet  Untitled, acrylic on canvas


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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