Stories of the North: Art by Sharon Hunter

A photo of a mural depicting historical eventsParallel-Route Iron Bridge, spray paint mural (in collaboration with historians and Laird Signs)

Ontario artist Sharon Hunter paints bright, graphic images that tell stories of the north. Using historical imagery and undulating natural forms, Sharon creates memorable works that give viewers the framework to fill in their own stories.


An abstract painting with the look of pink concreteConcrete Piece, spray paint and oil paint on canvas

Along with traditional paintings, Sharon has produced a number of large murals, on surfaces including billboards and shipping containers. Her painting style focuses on a great sense of colour and movement, placing figures in incongruous, or shifting backgrounds.


The gallery of 2016 landscape paintings on Sharon Hunter's websiteSharon's portfolio of 2016 Landscapes

Some of Sharon’s most recent works are in her series Landscapes, though the artist doesn’t adhere strictly to the usual meaning of the term. These landscapes are of geometric forms on negative space, with animals and other figures juxtaposed on them – sometimes interacting with the backgrounds, and sometimes seemingly entirely separate from them. In a few works, the artist throws away all figuration and instead creates a geometric abstract work, anchoring it only with a descriptive and literal title. 


A painting of a goose on an abstracted urban backgroundSpring Goose in the City, spray and oil paint on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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