Anachronistic Images: Comic Illustration by Léo Quievreux

A black and white illustration of a mysterious landscapeIllustration for Le Programme Immersion

Illustrator Léo Quievreux combines classic superhero styling with contemporary comic tropes, for anachronistic images that have a great versatility in terms of subject matter.


Quievreux’s works often combine detailed line art and crosshatching with graphic planes of colour and negative space. The finished look is one that combines many classic comic book illustration styles, and has applications that reach beyond that particular medium.


A detail of a comic book panelPage detail from Anyone 40


As a writer and illustrator of graphic novels, Quievreux has developed a distinctly narrative approach to his work. Whether it’s a figure, or a setting, each image seems to be guiding the viewer toward some eventual epiphany or storyline. His inked images produce a noir look in black and white, with figures in ties and suit jackets that constantly seem to be in some sort of existential crisis. When colour is added to the mix, the works take on a slightly more lighthearted or bizarre appeal. Check out Quievreux’s works on Tumblr, and for more comic book art, explore the portfolio of Chad Hardin.


An installation view of works by Leo QuievreuxInstallation view of an exhibition at galerie Vincent Bercker

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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